Posted by: stevecoffeeguys | October 1, 2008

Fall Contests

The weather’s turned a little autumn-like outside this week and many people are fully engaged in the sporting contests that this time of year is known, either as participants or fans.  We also are hip deep in our Presidential contest this year, if the football, baseball and hockey games aren’t enough entertainment for you.  So, I want to know;…who is going to win the World Series, the MSU-UM game?  Are the Lions going to win a game this year now that Matt Millen has vacated the Ford Field executive offices?  For our take on the November 4th contest, sign up for our newsletter and place your vote.  And be assured, the vote you cast with us will cost you less than the vote you place in November



  1. OK.. all I can say about the World Series.. it appears to no longer matter, at least where I live… it simply dropped from the evening sports newscast.. for some reason all the fans have packed up and headed home. Yep.. you guessed it.. I’m from Beantown. I keep telling the natives here that this is not the center of the universe.. however, nobody is listening!! Sad, but true. And can you believe the RedSox voted to give Manny a 2/3 share if they win! Geezzz. For a prediction though, cause this is some good baseball being played.. and as much as your old middle school principal TC would like to see his Tampa Bay Rays win… I think Phillies.. in 6. And MSU.. after Sat… peeeeeuuuu (Mason HS grad.. sorry about the spelling.) 🙂 I got geared up to watch the nationally televised game (first for me watching MSU this season) and yikes, cough, choke…. OMG! Enough said. My fellow Spartans played/smelled like Moo U. Can we talk about the Celtics and Pats? Ok.. the weather then.. it’s been fabulous… crisp and clear. Great color this year. All I can say.. it sure is good to have a cup-of-joe on a cold day!!! Who’s buying? Keep up all the great brewing!!! See you soon!

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